Posted by: Cortillaen | 05/12/2009

A New Neverland

While cruising one of my favorite haunts, I noticed an article about a certain, former editor of the New Yorker appearing on MSNBC and declaring that former Vice President Dick Cheney is on a “crazy jihad”.  Does anyone believe, even for a second, that Tina Brown would ever describe real jihadis as being on a “crazy jihad”?  This is just insane!  Our faux news companies have effectively banned the use of this word, created by Muslims to mean a “holy war”, in regards to that very group, but a partisan hack feels completely at ease using it to slander a former VP.

You know, I think I understand these people.  It’s all just politics to them, isn’t it?  Never let a good crisis go to waste, and never let a good pejorative go unused against your opponents.  Never mind the fact that real people out there want us all dead.  Never mind that those people view “jihad” as an absolute order from their god to convert or kill the targets.  Never mind that the man to be slandered has done nothing but exercise his First Amendment rights and status as former VP to make known how dangerous the current administration’s actions are.  All that matters is that this word, right now, can be used to make him sound bad, reality be damned.  They.  Are.  Children.  Eternally stuck in the phase of playground insults and gossip, they can’t even grasp how pathetically narrow-minded they truly are.

This is what our media, the primary source of information for a large part of the country, has become:  Nothing more than childish political hacks myopically dedicated to attacking anyone who dissents with their side.  They play their games of politics under the guise of news and critical commentary, utterly oblivious to the very real consequences.  Any tactic, any lie, any attack is fully justified in their minds because those minds are forever stuck in the childish world where they are good, and their opponents are evil.  For all the accusations that conservatives live in a world devoid of grays, the liberal mind is home of the starkest contrast, an arbitrary one at that.  I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like living in a world where every disagreement is cast, not in facts and logic, but in terms of good and evil.  However, it becomes ever more clear that a disturbingly large number of people in all manner of stations, most disturbingly the ones in positions to shape public opinion, are very much at home in that world.



  1. The media is actually public enemy #1. I have recogized and have been saying this for years. Unfortunately, until and unless they start actually being the watchdogs they are supposed to be, America is doomed. Maybe even the world.

  2. Something along these lines, I believe. My – now seemingly ex-Leftist sister – emails me stuff regarding Hussein and all of the current Conservative ”concerns”. It’s almost as if she has seen the light regarding Hussein and the media. I sent her this:

    You get this stuff and you send this stuff. Do you know that this stuff is totally true and that America is totally screwed? Are you aware of the breakneck pace that Hussein has setup for the takeover of our country? If you do, can you understand why I get so freaking pissed when someone doesn’t realize the danger we are all in – right now?

    People still chant the same brainwashing garbage that they’ve seen on TV or read in the newspapers about Bush and Cheney and Rove and now Palin. (And just WHY is it that the media and the Left HATE this Governor from the little state of Alaska?? I’ll tell you why – Because She Can Win.) People who believe those lies cannot see what is happening. They cannot realize that national security was in the hands of Americans for 8 years – not the Socialist/Marxist folks that are in charge now. They won’t admit that they will soon long for the days of under 5% unemployment, 14,000 DOW numbers, booming business, secure retirement plans, or that they made the biggest mistake in the history of American presidential elections – electing an American hating non-American to president of the United States of America. Mostly because of the lies of the media. Let that sink in. Because it’s true. Why else has Hussein spent over $1 Million HIDING his real birth certificate? Oh, you’ve heard that he released it? Well, he hasn’t. Regardless of what anyone has said on the media, he has not. What Hussein ”released” (he didn’t, a Leftist website did) was a counterfeit version of an Hawaiian ”Certificate of Live Birth”. Guess who else had one? Sun Yat-Sen, the Father of Modern China, who was born Cuiheng, Xiangshan county , Guangzhou Prefecture, Guangdong Province, China. Maya Soetoro-Ng, Obama’s sister has a Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth too, and she was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. You can be born anywhere and get one. Katie Couric ever tell you that? Chris Matthews? Charlie Gibson?

    I seem over the edge, I know, but how would you explain the lack of media coverage of the HUNDREDS of ”Tea Party’ demonstrations (except for all of the news deriding them) and the many media ‘talking heads’ that call these peaceful demonstrators ‘dangerous’? Chicago’s own Tamron Hall (from the Fox 32 morning show) has gone over to the ”Dark Side” – MSNBC. Here’s what she has to say about thousands of patriotic Americans voicing their freedom of speech – peaceably and without the ”hateful” stuff she lies about:

    ”Well, six months after President Obama took office, a lot of sociologists and analysts believe that harsh political discourse against him really amped up and people started to push the boundaries of what might be considered decency. From talk radio to those tea parties that we saw with some pretty offensive signs folks were holding, even in the presence of children. The anger has certainly intensified.”

    Those ”offensive signs”, when there were any, were held by very small groups of people (ACORN?) who stood apart from and were not a part of the main group of demonstrators. They were soon questioned and were chased away. No one on MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC (except for Jake Tapper) reported that. Why??? Because they were there to deliberately cause this type of response from the media. These people are also the ones who post on Conservative sites (using brand new, and unknown logon names) or call into Conservation radio talk shows. There are no talk show hosts or websites that allow or put up with hate speech. It’s not who we are. But, I can tell you, we are getting a tad ”amped up”.

    And Tamron’s typical vague Leftist media statement of ”a lot of sociologists and analysts believe” is bullshit. They are all just creations of her, and other ”news media people’s” mind, more like it. And these alleged ”experts” are never, ever named. Ever. Yet people listening to this unending BS actually believe these idiots. Why? Well, a whole generation has been taught to hate people like Bush and Palin. They’ve been taught by the press and by their teachers and by their professors and by the entertainment media. For decades, really.

    You’re old enough to remember when Hollywood was patriotic. When the American soldier was regarded with pride. When the flag was flown and not scorned as an evil symbol of greed and hate. You can remember a President who was proud of his country and who did what he thought was good for the security of the country regardless of the constant hate and misreporting in the media – or whether he got reelected. And he got reelected even with that constant hate-filled, inaccurate barrage from the Left and the media. Say what you will about George W. Bush but he brought the economy back from the brink after 9/11 (without a trillion dollar bailout) and kept all of our asses safe for seven more years.

    And if anyone mentions how the economy tanked in 2008 ask them if they know exactly why. Ask them if they know about how the U.S. banks were forced to give home loans to people who could never pay them back. Ask them about just who backed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack and kept them from being put under an oversight committee. And, something hardly anyone knows about, how about the over half trillion dollar pull-out from the American banking system in September of 2008 that greatly helped this huge economy downturn – just in time for the November election. I’ll give you just one guess – and the answer is not George Bush or Dick Cheney.

    With almost the entire news media – ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Washington Post, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, San Fran Chronicle, LA Times, Boston Globe, etc, etc, etc – covering for Hussein and the Left in general, they still say that a few radio shows and FNC are way too out of line with their alleged ”bias”. (FNC is truly balanced since they have people like Geraldo Rivera and Sheppard Smith with their own shows and ALL of the talk show hosts never claim to be unbiased, like the media constantly does.) The only Leftist radio shows and their networks (Air America) have failed or are failing. All of the above news outlets (except FNC) are losing money. Yet the Conservatives networks and shows are flourishing – even in this economy. Why? You won’t hear Charlie Gibson or Katie Couric tell the truth about that.

  3. Wow, I never noticed before how verbose I can get. And boring.

    Doktor Keyboard

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