Posted by: Cortillaen | 05/28/2009

On The Dole? Off The Roll.

… the voting roll, that is. Not to get ahead of myself, however, let’s look at the state of affairs leading to this necessity. There’s a quote by one Alexis de Tocqueville with which many people are familiar:  “The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money.”  Obviously, we passed that particular threshold most of a century ago, if not even earlier, and the next few years under O-n-Co are promising to drastically increase the level of public bribery.  Watching our new administration disregard laws, the Constitution, and the Founders’ intent, it seems the result in de Tocqueville’s quote has also fully come to pass.  We are no longer a republic, a nation of law.  Instead, we are now a nation ruled by a Democratic (hardly democratic) aristocracy that wields massive federal power in addition to an enamored and irresponsible media to mold the ductile masses and beat down the opposition with cries of “Racist!”.  In short, we are an aristocracy masquerading as a mobocracy, and the law has been made passé.

How did we come to this point?  We allowed the Democrats in government to buy up voters bit by bit, and we allowed the Republicans to mount little to no opposition to this tactic.  Now one party has a tremendous number of voters who place their votes based on “What will government do for me?” instead of “What should government be allowed to do?”. It’s a built-in block of votes for the Democrats so long as they and their media supporters continue to push the line that “The Dems are helping people with government, but the evil Reps ignore your misfortune”. No thought is necessary, so these people simply vote straight Dem tickets. The other side has to not only fight for some of the “moderates” but also convince their base that voting Rep is worthwhile. This is important: The Dem base, even before all the ACORN-style shenanigans, is made up of guaranteed votes. The voters view government as their lifeline, their support, so they absolutely will be out to vote for the party that advocates more “social programs” (what a joke of a name for society-destroying bribery). Republicans have a base that is naturally inclined to be uninterested in the government.

Thankfully, even the most uninterested citizen gets concerned when the government takes larger-than-normal steps in curtailing freedoms and the free market, which drives up Republican base votes when the Dems are trying to remake the country and nationalize huge swaths of the formerly-private market. This will drive stronger Republican opposition to anything put to a public vote (which is why you won’t be seeing Dems trying to progress their agenda by the proper way, amendments), but the encouraging Rep congresscritters to oppose the the Dems takes voting cycles to make public sentiment clear, and that takes time. This is where the strategy we are seeing now comes into play, namely the nationalization of businesses, direct intervention in support of (overwhelmingly Dem-voting) unions, and the beginnings of a push towards nationalized health care. All of these are aimed at shifting ever more of the population into the “dependent on the government” camp, the Democrat base of guaranteed votes. In the roughly two years before the free citizens’ voices can shift the power in Washington, O-n-Co are trying to build that base up to the point where it overwhelms the rest of the country, the point where it becomes a built-in majority vote that supports a permanent Dem majority in Congress. This is effectively a coup underway to remake our government into a de facto single party system. From there… well, history can best explain what happens after that. Power and corruption go hand in hand.

So how do we stop the descent into this hell? The answer I hear being bandied about most is to just do more of what we already are: Call more, email more, petition more, spread the word more, etc. Basically, we are told the proper response is to push the Reps for more resistance. To be blunt, this strategy is idiotic. It’s nothing but reaction, a defensive battle, a holding action, and it is doomed to fail. Resistance to Democrat pushes is certainly not to be discarded, but if that is the whole of our plan, the country is already lost. We cannot completely negate every offensive, and each push drags more people into the government juggernaut’s grasp and our country closer to completion of the coup. What we need is to be more proactive, to make an offensive of our own. The problem with this is that the return from a “What will government do for me?” mentality is no quick happening. Once dependent upon the government, even if that support is revoked, people come to believe that they are owed something, that the government has some obligation to them, and this belief will cause most of them to continue voting for the party that promises the return or increase of government support. Simply trying to repeal bribery programs is insufficient since the Dems can put them back into place before sufficient time has elapsed to re-instill personal responsibility in the affected people and move them away from voting themselves more government support.

Short of a full revolution and the destruction of our current government or an event sufficiently shocking to banish the stupor of dependent voters, I think there is only one course of action capable of preventing the eventual success of this coup. We need to remove the incentive for Dems to continue enslaving people to the government, and that means removing the political power they gain from doing so. Once upon a time, voting rights were restricted to land owners. The reasoning was that property owners have a vested interest in voting to protect personal property and oppose government parasitism. In today’s world, property is probably a poor indication of that vested interest due to the potential liquidity of wealth, so I would suggest an change from a specifically inclusive granting of voting rights to a specifically exclusive ones. In particular, excluding those who are dependent upon others through the government.

What we need is an amendment to the Constitution detailing that those who receive government support forfeit their right to vote. There are a great many details that need to be hashed out before any plan to push this amendment could go forward. Should there be a small level of support, perhaps as a percentage of income, allowed to avoid people receiving small and/or obscure amounts of support? If so, what criterion and specific level should be used? Should such allowances be set to decrease over time to a smaller level, possibly nothing? Are there any kinds of support that should not require the forfeiture of voting rights? Should there be a required period of time between confirmation of coming off the dole, as it were, and regaining voting rights? Should the forfeiture of voting rights apply only to voting on the level from which government support is received or be total? What specific language should be used?

As for pushing the amendment, our best bet is to circumvent the federal government entirely by the Constitution’s Article V provision that amendments may be proposed by two-thirds of state legislatures acting to call a constitutional convention and made valid after ratification by three-fourths of the same. The force exerted by the people is stronger when the target is closer to them, and our Congress certainly has no interest in what’s best for us or the country. The next two years, while likely the most damaging our country will have ever seen, will also see the strongest upswing in conservative, independent, and anti-bureaucracy sentiments in decades, and it may well be our only chance to make this work. My voice and resources are extremely limited, so I’d like to ask for the assistance of anyone who reads this to spread the discussion, help get all questions about the amendment answered, and build support for it at the grassroots (the real thing, not astroturf) level. Comment here, repost this wherever you like, link here, mention it to friends, whatever you think will help. The problems facing our country in the all too near future are grave at best, and this appears the best way to deal with one of the greatest.



  1. I think that the economic issue is certainly the main difference between both political ideologies. How much should government do, for whom and for how long?

    Even us conservatives are not immune from this. We talk about “our jobs”. We expect a source of livelihood. We complain that the government needs to fix that pothole-but few of us think of going out onto the street and fixing it ourselves. We expect “our social security” upon retirement. We expect unemployment to see us through.

    Again the question is how much should we collectively do for the citizenry? The most hardcore conservatives would be for 100% self-reliance, but that went out the window when we left the farms a century ago.

    The traditional struggle between Democrats and Conservatives was supposedly about achieving a rational balance of government…what percent of hand outs/social programs vs. self-reliance and commerce?

    At least, that’s what I grew up thinking. As the Democratic Party had been infiltrated as long ago as the 1920s by disaffected Socialists and Communists, this notion of what real Democrats are or should be has not been true in my lifetime.

    Personally, I feel that if a government program works then fine, keep it. If it doesn’t, dump it and ideology be damned. Nothing wrong with trying. Certainly government does have a role to play or else it wouldn’t exist in the first place. But how big of a role?

    The Democrats have long been about using those they deem as helpless as a source of their political power…blacks and other minorities, immigrants, the unemployed, unions. Fixing problems (that they really can’t fix anyway) would make them superfluous. So their role as benign feudal lords is what keeps them around. They are smarter, more enlightened, and they know what’s best for you. They were the ones in the Deep South who kept African-Americans “in line”. They were the ones who have flourished in Chicago and still do under the corrupt Daly Sr./Daly Jr. political machine. They were the ones who under Boss Tweed ran NYC from Tammany Hall.

    But on the other side is the fact that in free enterprise there are going to be embezzlers, crooks, failed companies, lost jobs, etc. That is what gives them a toehold. I don’t think most Americans understand what capitalism is all about.

    If a company goes under, fine. You can find another job. Somebody out there will take their place and set up a new company in order to make a profit. It’s rather like the studies done concerning island biogeography-each island can maintain X number of species. Each economic system can maintain X number of companies providing goods or services in a certain niche.

    I don’t particularly like the rich, but I realize that they are the ones who, for whatever reason, can accumulate the capital needed to start companies, build factories, whatever. If they can’t compete, they will be replaced by those who are more effective. They are the ones who employ the rest of us, who create wealth, who finance technology.

    Perhaps in the future they (the wealthy) will no longer need us because of advanced technologies. Marx foresaw this, and I agree. But if and when Socialism comes it will not be by decree, but will simply happen out of necessity. No one said back in 1400 “OK, now it’s time to begin the Renaissance!” It just happened.

  2. I have long advocated, at the least, a basic civics test for one to be allowed to vote. When the uneducated and undereducated are allowed the privilege, you end up with the condition we are in now, with an elite political class pandering to those that want government to take care of them from cradle to grave.

    I am forced by my health to be on SSD, so under your proposal, I would lose my voting privilege, but I would be more than willing to accept that if it would also remove the lazy leeches currently on the rolls.

  3. I’ll keep it simple, HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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