Posted by: Cortillaen | 03/12/2010

Tolerance: The Manufactured Worldview of Irrationality and Weakness

You might ask a liberal, “If tolerance is such a virtue, why is it absurd to consider tolerating Hitler, Mao, and all manner of evils?”.  What they can’t say is that the absurdity is because those are evil, plain and simple. “Tolerance” is all about subjectivity, moral equivalence, and the rejection of absolutes. The very basis of “tolerance” is looking at something or someone and rejecting reality, refusing to make any form of judgment, and declaring that it is no better or worse than something/one else.

That childish viewpoint falls apart when applied to something so truly evil that even the most squishy moral relativists have to condemn it or something so truly good that they have to praise it. The problem starts at that point, because if there are absolutes, then the rest of existence must fall somewhere in between, and gradation occurs. Suddenly, everything may be judged and placed somewhere in the scale of good vs evil. The same thing happens with ideas, concepts, and policies falling into a scale of good vs bad, not of morality, necessarily, but of usefulness, honesty, effectiveness, and the like. Due to reality, “tolerance” requires the irrational compartmentalization of people, things, and ideas into “Undeniably Good”, “Undeniably Evil”, and “One Shade of Gray” for everything else. The human mind wasn’t meant to be straitjacketed that way, hobbled with the refusal to use its powers of judgment and comparison, those powers either granted by God or at the pinnacle of terrestrial evolution, whichever your view.

Proponents of “tolerance”, blind to reality, like to pretend that the only other option is intolerance. In fact, tolerance or intolerance should not be options at all for a great many things. Looking at the root word, its usage, and its etymology, tolerance is applied to negatives. I accept people of all races. I do not have to tolerate them because their existence is not a negative to me. Told true, needing to tolerate something means one refuses to accept it and views it as something negative. Further, this combines with the above to make “One Shade of Gray” really “One Shade of Negative”. Again, forcing the mind into this sort of straitjacket certainly doesn’t benefit a person.

Boiled down, the basic reason I reject tolerance is quite simple. If something or someone is evil, you do not tolerate them; you oppose them. Likewise, if you find an idea or concept to be bad, you oppose it. Those who constantly berate others for not being tolerant enough are actually just proving how useless tolerance is. Demanding others embrace tolerance couldn’t be more hypocritical and even manages to put the lie to tolerance itself. Tolerance is nothing but a useless concept behind which people hide while running away from conflict. Even disregarding evil, tolerance of foolishness or simple falseness is no virtue. On the contrary, it is being too weak to stand up for your own ideas and positions.

As for me, I prefer the constant conflict of ideas to tolerance. Either my ideas will be sharpened further, honed closer to perfection, or they will be destroyed, requiring me to build better ones. That sort of progress would be impossible if everyone simply tolerated all other ideas.  Tolerance did not end slavery, the Nazis, or the USSR.  Tolerance did not prompt a race to the moon, promote the creation of countless new technologies, or improve the lives of millions of people.  No, tolerance has given us nothing at all while taking from us the competition of ideas and views that has historically fueled progress.  I, for one, refuse to tolerate the miserable stagnation and moral degeneracy known as tolerance.



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