Posted by: Cortillaen | 09/15/2010

O’Donnel, the NRSC, and the Road to Hell

As one surfs various right-wing sites today, news of O’Donnel’s come-from-behind victory over Castle is an inevitable topic.  Equally inevitable is the discussion over the NRSC refusing to support her.  Yes, I know the “support” being withheld is supposed to be strictly financial.  Do you actually believe they’ll give her any form of support at all, be it a kind word or supportive emails?  From their “congratulations” (hah) message, I think they’ve made the answer to that a resounding, “Piss off.”  Well, pissed off is most certainly what I am, and I’m not alone.  For those used to my usual style of argumentation, you won’t find it below.  “Bellicose” is the word of the day.  Also, no, I will not be discussing O’Donnel herself herein.

The NRSC needs to get off its high horse and figure out that it does not dictate terms to the people.  Despite its delusions to the contrary, it is not a council of wise men that exists to tell us peons who we will vote for.  NRSC, you need to shut up and start listening.

For years, we’ve been given predetermined Republican candidates, people hand-picked by a ruling elite and force-fed to us with admonitions that, should we not vote as we are told to vote, the Democrats will rule everything for all time and the sky will fall. We’re told, “If you don’t like the candidate we picked for you, just hold your nose and vote for him anyway.  He’s better than the Democrat.”  In short, that’s bullshit.  Voting for the not-quite-as-liberal candidate just because he’s got an ‘R’ instead of a ‘D’ is not the best option.  All that does is prove to the ruling elite that they can continue shoving statists down our throats as long as they can claim their statists are just not quite as bad as the Democrat statists.  It encourages the problem in the same way as giving an addict their drug to stop withdrawal pains; better in the short term, vastly worse for ever after.  Thinking folks have understood for quite a while just how bad the Republican ruling elite have been screwing us over, but it’s just recently that many have started to realize that the solution isn’t accepting the child ruler’s petulant demands.

Two years ago, this happened in a presidential election.  McCain was just too foul for many people to swallow, and his vote totals suffered greatly for it.  Even so, this was just a murmur of what was coming.  The ruling elite had attempted to shove one too many not-quite-as-liberals down a conservative base’s throat, and we’ve had enough.  We had protests, and marches, and rallies, and books, and speeches.  More importantly than any of that, we had a fire inside to get real conservatives back into government, even if that meant fighting the party that supposedly worked for us.  The new election season rolled around, and the Republican establishment found itself floundering against a wave of “Tea Party candidates” supported by the kind of truly grass-roots movement the astroturf experts of the liberals can only dream about.  Like any entrenched bureaucracy, the Republican establishment fought back as hard as it could, pumping money and resources to its squishes in a desperate attempt to stymie the flood.  Worse, when establishment-picked candidates lost in primaries to these upstart “Tea Partiers”, the establishment decided to ostracize the new general candidates, cutting them off from funds and connections.  This was all done in an attempt to rebuke the people, to tell us to get back in line and do as our betters tell us.  That was the worst possible move.  Instead of cowing us, all this has done is prove that the Republican establishment has no intention of accepting that it works for us, and that has provided an energy that Obama’s “America-last” policies never could.

We will no longer accept a political system in which “our” side demands we acquiesce to a ruling class’s dictates.  Listen, and listen well, would-be rulers:  You exist at our pleasure, and we’ve had enough.  If you refuse to accept your proper position in the world, then we will have war, and you will lose.  Money alone can’t stand against inspiration and conviction, and money is all you have left.

With the NRSC refusing to support O’Donnel, even people on the Right have said, “You can’t expect the establishment to support your candidate after you vilified them and theirs.”  Again, bullshit.  We absolutely can, should, and will expect the National Republican Senatorial Comittee to support the national Republican senatorial candidates.  Do.  Your.  Blasted.  Job. Instead, the ruling elites are throwing a tantrum because we mere peons aren’t following orders anymore.  They think, “We’ll show those commoners that they can’t win without our blessing, and we won’t give it if the peasants dare refuse our commands.  They’ll come begging back to us soon enough.”  Just a couple years ago, that was probably still a safe bet, but not anymore.  The mere peasants have realized that we are on the road to Hell, and more of the same, no matter how much worse the other path looks, is the wrong way.  No longer will we vote for “one step forward and two steps back” just because it takes us down the road to Hell a little slower.  We’re finally ready to take the discomfort and setbacks necessary to reverse course entirely, and the Republican establishment is just another obstacle in our way.

So, NRSC, I dare you to stand against us instead of fulfilling your duty to the Republican candidate.  I dare you to deny O’Donnel the money and connections you owe her, the resources that might make the difference.  I dare you to lose that election for us just to spite the people to whom you are, whether you accept it or not, accountable.  It’ll just make us even angrier at you.  I dare you to keep running your spineless sacks of crap on the basis of “Because We Say So”.  We’ll keep taking them down, and when you keep failing to uphold your duties, we will take you down as well.  The man you likely fear more than any other, Jim DeMint, has proven that we don’t have to accept you as a permanent part of our political landscape.  We can replace you, and, should you fail to shape up, we will.  We will watch you wither and die as even your die-hard supporters realize you have lost the power to be worth their money.

The NRSC thinks they have the perfect game.  They’re content with walking the country down that road to Hell because they believe it just means even more money and power for them.  They think we, the people, will simply continue to accept their rule because the short-term alternative will always appear worse.  They’re wrong.  We can see the road they have us on, we understand that leaping off is a gamble, and we know that a gamble offering any chance of avoiding Hell is better than to continue on their path.  The irony is that, when we make that leap, we will topple the would-be rulers from their lofty perch.  The money and power will dry up, and they will find themselves once more a part of the masses, despite all their howling of lost status.  Should our leap succeed, the pitiful once-elites will pine for the glory they threw away.  Should we fail, Lord forbid, they will find themselves dragged along with the rest of us.

The ultimatum to the NRSC is this:  Join us for a chance at victory, or we will ensure you know only defeat.


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