Posted by: Cortillaen | 09/24/2010

Time For Conservatives To Get In The Game

Conservatives are upset about the growth of the federal government, about the ever-increasing insertion of federal regulations and mandates into everyday life, and perpetual leftward drift in politics. We feel like we don’t have a voice, that the Constitution itself doesn’t have a voice, in the operations of the government. The Republican party, ever derided as “right-wing”, consistently ignores us in governance, only seeming to notice our existence when election season comes around and they need our votes. Well, it’s partially our own fault, and the Tea Parties, for all their good, aren’t enough to fix the problem.

The thing is, there are two games being played in DC, and we haven’t been participating in either. The first is the most obvious and the only one many people notice. Both parties have degenerated to the point where they are in a struggle, not of ideas, but of pure politics. It’s politics for politics’ sake. This is what produces the GOP establishment’s anger towards anyone who doesn’t roll over for their hand-picked candidates. When you’ve been playing a game, the sole purpose of which is to gather as much political power as possible, for as long as they have, you come to see power as your due and challengers as “usurpers” to your rightful throne. If the Tea Party and conservatives as a whole refuse to give in, even at the cost of elections, I hope that perception of power entitlement can be shattered, at least enough that much of the party realizes again for whom it is they work. Unfortunately, that is only a tiny step in the right direction. The second game is by far the more important.

The second game is being played within the Democrat party and its handlers. Those players are after not mere political power but soul of the country. They are rarely in the spotlight, preferring to leave that to their politically-minded lackeys, but they direct the Democrats nonetheless. George Soros is, of course, the most prevalent example, but he is far from the only one. As a whole, they desire to remake this nation into their concept of a leftist utopia, some because they are simply incapable of understanding the misery such a thing would cause for the populace, others because they believe they will set themselves up as gods in the “new world”. This group of people has taken over the Democratic Party by seducing the politicians, already inclined towards the power of the statist left, with dreams of ultimate victory in the game of politics. It’s a case of the leftist players making use of the only true motivation of the politicians to turn the whole party into a puppet. Over time, the ideology of communism (and let us be honest about what they desire) has permeated the Democratic Party with such completeness that separating the simple players of politics from those who play for ideology is nearly impossible.

Now, the threat to our country is not just in that one party is determined to destroy everything the Founders created. As inconceivable as that statement may sound, the greater threat is how their ideals have been allowed to shape the political landscape for decades. Players of the first game are naturally inclined towards anything promising them more power. Their hubris always ensures they believe that power will somehow be theirs alone, that the other party will be denied its benefits. This is pure foolishness, of course, but it allows players of the second game to drag the political debate farther and farther down the statist side of the spectrum; their side. Further, they can do so without any real opposition. The squabbling in the game of politics may slow the leftward shift through sheer, partisan recalcitrance, but it does nothing to stop or reverse the tide. Those who desire our nation transformed into something unrecognizable as the United States that stared down the Soviet Union are playing in an open field with the only opposition stuck on the sidelines.

Conservatives are not inherently drawn to politics. They do not seek the power of DC, the power over other people, because they believe in personal freedom, the antithesis of that power. Unfortunately, desiring nothing more than to live their own lives has ceded the playing field to the leftists for far too long. The leftists have not just scored points; they have altered the field vastly in their advantage. Why is it now “extreme right-wing” to believe in a personal right to own and be proficient with the preeminent means of self-defense in today’s world? Why is it “extreme right-wing” to believe that clearly identifying those who want nothing more than our deaths is utterly vital to our continued existence? Why is it “extreme right-wing” to believe that personal freedom and enterprise are the only sources of wealth? Why is it “extreme right-wing” to recognize that every government expenditure is of money confiscated from the citizens? None of these things are extremist. They are the principles of the Founders and of simple, rational thought, yet neither party will uphold them. The game has, for too long, been between the left and the middle, allowing the left to redefine “somewhat left” as the new center, “center” as the new extreme right, and “right” as a fringe of lunatics.

Conservatives must see what is truly important. We must no longer be satisfied with a Republican Party that merely tosses us the occasional bone for purely partisan purposes. We must make give up the political uninvolvement we cherish and take the Republicans as our own, lest we lose everything else we hold dear. The Republican Party of now will fight back. Out of hubris and power-lust, they will oppose anything dragging them away from the elitist statism of the left, so we must be prepared to show them the pain of losing our support entirely. They take our votes for granted, believing that we will always vote for the lesser of two evils, even as both choices become ever worse, and so they must be taught that we will no longer accept their condescending offer of the lesser evil. It may be bad, and it may even remake a Democrat majority, with all of the evils to come of that, but the only way to make politicians live in fear is to show them the loss of their power. In the end, we must force the GOP establishment to bow to us as the Democrats bow to the far left; to understand that they serve us; and to know that promoting spineless, politics-first candidates will ensure the party’s doom. For now, it doesn’t matter if the party elites serve conservatism out of conviction or out of political motivations, so long as they serve it. The permeation of ideals will come in time, just as it did for the leftists and the Democrats. What is important is that the right doesn’t just create a short-term, Tea Party rush for a fundamentally unchanged Republican Party. Conservatives have to get in the game for good and no longer allow the left to play unopposed.


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