Posted by: Cortillaen | 01/13/2011

The Blood Libel Of The Left And Its Media

It’s a two-fer tonight; might want to make sure your Armageddon shelters are up-to-date.

Three things to be said before the actual post:  First, I was thrilled to hear Mrs. Palin call a spade a spade.  I have been describing the instantaneous attacks by the Left and its pet media against conservatives and Tea Party patriots as blood libel since it began, as well as arguing for others to do the same, so it was distinctly gratifying to hear that very term given national voice.  “Blood libel” is not, as Palin-haters have slavishly claimed, a term solely applicable to attacks on Jews.  It has been applied to false attacks against many groups, religious and otherwise, over the years.  In fact, many of the same people now raging over Mrs. Palin’s use of the term have used it themselves.  The defining factor is the false claim of murder intended to damage an innocent party, which is precisely what has been going on since before we even knew the exact numbers of wounded and dead.  Words have meaning, and refusing to use the correct words for fear of being politically incorrect means surrendering the argument.  That Mrs. Palin had the conviction and courage to use the correct term and the presence of mind to do so calmly merits considerable respect from me.Second, this is actually an email I sent to my local talk-radio host after his morning show on the 11th.  As usual, what seemed like a single paragraph in concept ended up considerably longer.

Third, part of the reason for the dearth of posting is preparation for a three-month visit to San Diego coming this September.  Apparently the United States Marine Corps will take just about anyone these days.  The famous Reagan quote on the Corps more or less sums up my reasons.  Explaining more than that would take longer than I care to spend at the moment, not to mention exposing more of my life to the immortal web than I would like.

Right, then; enough about me:

It’s easy to get discouraged listening to the media’s blood libel against conservatives and the Tea Parties, the instantaneous leap of those on the left to use this tragedy for political ends, the utter disdain and contempt many in Congress and the media have for our Constitution, and the emergence bills like the one proposing to outlaw free speech whenever a politician, one of those paragons of moral self-disinterest, deems himself “threatened”.  How can we prevent the destruction of our way of life when the Left seems to have such strength?  However, this whirlwind of attacks on us and the country is not a sign of strength.  It is the desperation of those who have realized their own weakness.

The Left had everything after the 2008 election:  They controlled both houses of Congress, had filibuster-proof majorities, had just installed a spectacularly popular man into the White House in “landslide”.  The Department of Justice was at their command, the vast majority of conventional media and plenty of the new internet media were praising Obama as if he were the Second Coming (some of them taking it almost literally to that level) while actively hiding any and all things of negative import, and the race card was always there as a reliable fallback.  The economic downturn presented them with the perfect crisis, and they knew just how they wanted to take advantage of it.  It was the coming of the Golden Age of Liberalism, when all conservatives would be thoroughly discredited, and the Left would be free to remake this country and its ridiculous, old-fashioned, and irrelevant Constitution to their liking.  They would get it right this time, and everyone would come to see the glory and wisdom of the Left.  Then it all fell apart.

As soon as the Left began pushing their agenda through, especially with the “stimulus” bill, some people realized their mistake, and resistance began to grow.  Many on the Left felt betrayed by the administration’s inability to ram through the earth-shaking changes they had been promised, providing friction on both sides.  More people noticed the glaring racial and partisan tones constantly taken by the administration that had been hailed as “post-racial” and “post-partisan”, the depth of corruption in the “most ethical Congress ever”.  This Palin person refused to just disappear, even after the media had done everything in its power to destroy her; somehow she had a following, and it was growing.  The stymied return of the Fairness Doctrine left the great voices of the Right on radio free to reach millions with opposition to the Left’s claims.  The death of private healthcare was signed into law over the objections of more than half the nation, and more people realized how little this administration cared for the people it claimed to represent.  The miserable Tea-Partiers held their rallies across the nation, even with the media spinning wildly between “ignore” and “disparage”.  The Left was beginning to panic as they watched the cracks in their power appear and grow, one by one.

Then the elections of 2010 came, and their dreams shattered.  The golden moment had passed by; the window of opportunity had slammed shut.  The return to creeping movement over decades after being promised great leaps and bounds enrages them.  Even more, they see how their failed offensive has energized a conservative base, woken up people who had previously been content to let the changes slowly consume them.  The Left is raging at its lost chance, growing more and more out of control in a desperate bid to reclaim the power they believe is theirs by right.  What we are seeing now is the strength of desperation, and, even as they make this play, they push the American public further away.

My message is this:  Don’t give up hope.  Keep pushing them, calling them to account for their lies, and pointing out the holes in their claims.  Confront them with the Constitution and watch them self-destruct.  Stay active in local, state, and federal elections, and hold your representatives accountable for their actions once elected.  This is just the beginning, and our counter-push will go as far as we have the will to take it.  The golden opportunity of the Left has given us our own chance, and it’s up to us to move our nation back towards the principles of its founding.


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