Q:  Okay, I know FAQs stands for “Frequently Asked Questions”, but what about the “NS”?

A:  Not So.  No, I mean you’re right, and the “NS” stands for “Not So”.  Hence, “Not So Frequently Asked Questions”.  Every site has FAQs, and most of them are lying about the ‘F’.  I’m just being honest.

Q:  Why don’t you post more?

A:  I’m lazy?  Actually, I’ve just been in the habit of posting my thoughts on other sites for so long, it rarely occurs to me to post them on my own site.  I’ll get better at that.  Maybe.

Q:  I’ve got this topic/post/article/whatever you need to read!  Maybe it could even inspire you to make your own post.  How do I tell you about it?

A:  cortillaen (at) yahoo (dot) com

Q:  What’s with the tiger header?

A:  I love tigers, especially Siberians.  They’re cute.

Q:  “Cute”?  I thought you were a guy?

A:  What, being a guy means I can’t find some things cute?  Fine, I like tigers because they can choose between batting your head from your shoulders and simply biting it off.  Happy, sexist?

Q:  Much better.

A:  That wasn’t a question…

Q:  Not like it matters.  You’re writing both the questions and answers, anyway.

A:  Yeah.

Q:  Hey!  You stole that gag from Chris Hastings!

A:  Yeah…

Q:  …and you still made up that last “question”.

A:  …yeah…

Q:  Will you ever have any real questions asked by people who aren’t you?

A:  Beats me.  Will I?


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